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Lemon Slushie is one of the most exquisite and refreshing strains currently available on the cannabis market. It is a hybrid strain with a slight Sativa leaning that produces beautiful buds of considerable size, moderately dense, and light green with some dark tones. Moreover, it has a prominent, shiny layer of trichome crystals.

This vibrant bud can generate energizing, talkative, and creativity-boosting effects yet with an enveloping, full-bodied sensation that brings out the Indica side of the hybrid nature of this strain. This strain can also help deal with minor physical discomforts, increase appetite, and effectively combat stress.

Lemon Slushie

  • Lemon Slushie is a combination of Lemon Haze and Afghani, originally cultivated by CBA Farms.


    The top reported aromas of the Lemon Slushie strain are skunk, lemon, and pine. It is said to taste of citrus and pine needles.

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