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These premium flower, presidential OG indica pre rolls are hash infused and dipped in diamonds! Super Potent, smokes incredibly smooth and hit heavy!

Hash Infused, Diamond Dipped Indica Pre Rolls - Presidential OG

  • Originated in Los Angeles, Presidential OG was created by breeders at Royal Queen Seeds who combined a Bubble Gum female with pollen from OG Kush. Bubble Gum’s sweet, Cannabis Cup-winning flavors with OG Kush’s well-documented sedating effects make Presidential OG very popular on California dispensary shelves.


    Growers of all experience levels will find Presidential OG simple to grow indoors with conditions simulating a dryer climate. Presidential OG grows short and squat, showcasing broader fan leaves that are characteristic of indica plants. With attention, the plant offers a modest yield in an eight-to-nine-week flowering period.

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